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Conquering invincible snow-capped peaks and eroded stubborn hills is a quest an explorer yearns to accomplish in his lifetime. Itís not just the sky-embracing mountains and varied ethnic diversities that make Nepal the ultimate destination for trekkers and travelers but also the diverse flora and fauna lures tourists from around the globe to this Himalayan kingdom. Likewise, walking past the remote trails that meander through enthralling river banks, breathtaking panorama and cascading waterfalls is certainly an enriching experience. Thus, we make sure that you experience the grandeur of cultural and natural traits of Nepal with ease, making your stay in Nepal a memorable one.

We have a team of reliable experts to place at your service the best adventure holidays in Nepal. Such adventures include a range of packages from sightseeing around the Kathmandu valley to mountaineering expeditions in the Himalayas. We offer varied packages to suit your desired destination, budget and time constraints, health issues, interests and the level of adventure sought.

Our company is based on the values of responsible travel in Nepal. We are passionate about sharing our homeland and also passionate about preserving it. We have based our operation on the basic tenets of environmental and cultural conservation and preservation. We firmly believe in the need to contribute to the local economy where ever we travel.

We know the intricate details of our region better than most other companies and thus, are able to provide you with truly customized experiences which fit your holiday requirements. Our more than a 18 years of experience and extensive local networks also mean that we can tailor and provide additional adventure and leisure activities to your holiday.

We offer many trips, with some of our specialties listed below:

Treks - off the beaten treks, culture, shamanism, nature, handicraft

Culture tours - heritage sites, ancient routes, festival trips, buddhism, meditati

Adventure - rafting, kayaking, biking, canyoning, bungy, paragliding, climbing, skiing, safari

Volunteerism - homestay, nepali classes, culture briefings, volunteering

Cross border tourism - Tibet (Lhasa, Mt. Kailash), Bhutan, Sikkim and Ladakh