About Mr Tikka and His Experience

My name is Tika Pariyar. Tika means the blessings we put as some color painted on our foreheads offered by our elder ones and the respected people and also by the priest on a temple. Pariyar is my family name, which refers as one of the so called "lower cast" of Nepal and this cast is well known for honesty everywhere.

I was born on August 13, 1971 on a remote and isolated village called "Astam" of Nepal full of natural beauty, on a poor family.

Being a member of lower cast, I couldn't complete my study. I've faced the life to it's extreme but still I feel fortunate that I was able to discovere the sorrowful part of life so closely which I'd have never faced if I was born in a higher cast and richer family. Different people have different dimensions in life and I have a sorrowful part and I heartly thank the God for providing it to me. Life is nothing but an experience that we achieve on our every steps. Life is not a complain or it should not be. Thank God that I had an active life every time. A life full of motion, full of enthusiasm, full of optimism, full of consciousness and always looking forward.

Our family members basically are farmers working for others. We have very small amount of land which is not enough for feeding our family. Being a farmer couldn't fullfill even the minimum requirements of my family so I was always in search for a better option.

In early 1990s tourism was booming in Nepal and I started my career as a porter (in 1990). Even though it was a tough job, less paid job, I had no other option to involve myself in tourism. Being a porter, I got many chances to visit every tourist destinations of Nepal. Working as a porter for 8 years, I took the government's two monts training on tourist guide which was very useful to me. After two months training, I was able to get the government license of a tourist guide. Since then I'm working as one of the most experienced tourist guides of Nepal. My knowledge and experience in tourism field is more than of 18 years. Due to my honesty, availability, loyalty, self confidence, and helpfullness, I've never faced any kind of complains yet.

What people say about me:

Tika has 11 year's experience as a guide-porter, speaks half a dozen languages and his knowledge of the land and its culture adds much to our understanding. He is a helpful and resourceful companion, who adjusts to our plodding pace and responds to most requests with a good-natured "Why not?"

- Conrad Walters (Australia). Published on an Australian Newspaper named "The Sydney Morning Herald" (1993)

This guy is awsome!! Tika has become a good friend of mine and there is nobody I would rather go trekking with. His knowledge of the area is outstanding and he is very well respected on the trail... this made a big difference, and the whole trip a lot more enjoyble.

- Stephen Batchelor, Cambridge, UK, 2003

Very good all round really, got us over the pass without any problems and took us to stay in some nice tea houses. He also speaks fluent English as well as a bit of German and even Hebrew. CHEERS TIKA :).

- Mark Edwards, Oxford UK 2003

We were lucky enough to have Tika as our guide and we would recommend him for any trek. He is patient (especially when trekng up mountains), always friendly and choses the best tea houses for us - with the best rooms!

He loves taking people around the country for which he knows so well and is full of knowledge. He can speak a variety of languages well, and always puts his guests first. Thoroughly enjoyed our trek with Tika and the few beers we enjoyed at the end!

- Adrian and Georgie, Australia, 2008